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What Our Graduates Are Saying

Whatever your reason for seeking something more out of your nursing journey – this course will provide you growth in areas you never even considered. 

I’m so glad I trusted my gut and jumped head-first into this course. 

– Brenna Hohmann, BSN, RN

This course has not only prepared me professionally to become an amazing Nurse Coach, but it’s also helped me on a personal level.

I’ve discovered things about myself that have transformed my life forever!

– Wanda Trotman, MSN, CRNP-BC

This course has been life-changing journey into “self,” and I’ve come out a different person. 

The universe could not have put it in my life at a better time – each lesson helped me develop healthier, sustainable habits to share with others!

Now let’s go flip the broken healthcare system on its head.

– Sean Patrick Devlin, RN, BSN

100’s of classes, dozens of certifications.

THIS is the one that not only changed my view & nursing practice, but saved my soul.

My new skills have changed me from a jaded, hardened, battle-axe ICU nurse to an empowering, optimistic, motivating health care professional!

I used to hope I made a difference.

Now I KNOW I make a difference.

– Jobee, RN

There are hundreds more. 

Watch the video below
and see for yourself. 

I’m starting my own Holistic Nurse Coaching practice, so I can now coach people to look at the whole picture.

Would I recommend this course?

Absolutely – 110% yes.

Not only has it changed me as a nurse, but as a mother and friend also.

– Shauntel Stewart, RN

This course has been the catalyst for a quantum leap in my life – personally and professionally.

I’m continuously learning to fearlessly coach myself first, so I can do the same for my clients.

So grateful for this deeply transformative training for us nurses who’ve come to explore the true art of healing.

– Michelle Vela, RN BSN