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 The Nurse Coach Collective is the premier training academy for RNs who want to become Board Certified Nurse Coaches.

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No more quick fixes. No more one-size-fits-all. No more reactionary care.

Instead, Transformative Nurse Coaching takes an integrative, holistic, lifestyle-based approach to health and healing.

The co-founders, Heather and Peter, have worked with RNs of every background from all across the country.

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Jessika Hawkins, RN, BSN
“A beautifully created program for nurses interested in connecting mind, body, spirit, holistic health, nutrition, and mindfulness. Any nurse can benefit from this.”
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Julie Hoffman, BSN, MBA, DNP
“This course showed me exactly how to help my clients make positive, healthy lifestyle changes.”
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Sheila Carter, RN, BSN
“I have been transformed as a person and empowered to do just what I want as a nurse. This program is unbelievable.”
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Ashlie Daza, RN, BSN, CNN
“Nurse Coaching is the specialty in nursing I didn’t know I was longing for.”
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