Become A Nurse Coach

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Ready to help patients heal in a lasting, holistic way?

If you’re like a lot of nurses, you’re tired of the symptom-focused, one-size-fits-all, reactive medical model. You wish you could help your patients truly heal and feel empowered through an integrative, whole-person approach. You want to see people make better choices and experience greater wellness. That is exactly why becoming a Nurse Coach through The Nurse Coach Collective is so rewarding.

Gaining your RN health coach certification will help you rediscover your passion for nursing and elevate your healthcare practice. Unlike the traditional medical model, you’ll be equipped as a Nurse Coach to practice more comprehensive patient care. You’ll know exactly how to help your patients — holistically — to transform their lives and experience increased levels of health. It also means more freedom and fulfillment for you — not to mention a more sustainable career.

What A Health and Wellness Nurse Coach Does

As a Board-Certified Nurse Coach, you move beyond medication and quick fixes, taking time to meaningfully connect with patients and guide them toward better health. You’ll learn to ask powerful questions, listen deeply, and have every tool needed to coach your clients to radically improve their lives.

Perhaps the biggest difference between a traditional nurse and a Nurse Coach is in the approach. You know the usual: Charting, passing meds, and checking boxes with little time for anything else. As a Nurse Coach, you’re free to focus on the bigger picture of lifestyle and promoting health, not just treating symptoms or managing disease. You partner with your patients to motivate and inspire.

Wondering where you can work as a Nurse Coach? The good news is that Nurse Coaches work everywhere: hospitals, clinics, wellness centers, doctor’s offices, insurance companies, and more. Whether in your own private practice or working as a corporate wellness contractor, you can enjoy the freedom to finally practice nursing in a holistic way.

Your practice could involve mindfulness, meditation, healing touch, or plant-based nutrition – for example. Being able to choose from a broad range of therapies and techniques could dramatically improve your ability to cultivate overall wellness.

Educational Requirements

Interested in learning how to become a Nurse Health Coach? Here is what the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation (AHNCC) has set as the eligibility requirements for obtaining AHNCC nurse coach certification:

  • An active, unrestricted RN license in America
  • At least two years of full-time experience as an RN (or 4,000 hours part-time within the last five years)
  • The minimum of a Baccalaureate (BS, BA, BSN) in Nursing from an accredited institution (International applicants need to demonstrate their degree equates to a US Baccalaureate Nursing degree program)
  • Completion of at least 60 CNEs over the last three years, in keeping with Nurse Coach Core Values and Nurse Coach Competencies
  • 60 hours of mentored and/or supervised coaching experience, overseen by Certified Nurse Coach Supervisor, along with a Validation letter from a Certified Nurse Coach
  • Signed and completed Application attesting to agreement with terms in Candidate’s Agreement with AHNCC

Get Help Earning Your Certification at The Nurse Coach Collective

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