Become an

Onboarding Specialist

for The Nurse Coach Collective!


** Fill out your application thoroughly and professionally. 

If we decide to move forward, we’ll contact you. 

Key Benefits of becoming an Onboarding Specialist:


Comission Based Pay.

The more you build your skillset in this role, the greater your earning potential becomes. All while working remotely and from the comfort of your home.

Incredible Flexibility.

Work from home. While we have scheduling parameters, you can choose days and times that work for you and your life.


Get Paid to Learn an Invaluable Skillset.

Being able to sell from a place of service and integrity is one of the top 5 skills you can have, and is vital to this role. Thus, you’ll be compensated to take one of the most advanced sales trainings in the world.


Elevate the Nursing Profession.

The work you’ll do in this role will have a direct impact on the redesign of our profession. We are creating huge waves within healthcare, and you will be a leader in that charge.


About The Position

Title:  Onboarding Specialist for the Transformative Nurse Coaching Program.

Role:  You are the person taking application calls with nurses who are interested in becoming a Transformative Nurse Coach

These calls integrate coaching, education, and relationship based sales. 

Do you remember how important that conversation was when you were applying for this program?

Well, you can now be the person to guide prospective students to gain clarity on where they’re at in their career, and how becoming a Nurse Coach will transform their life and practice. 

You’ll put availability on our calendar, and we’ll fill it up with prospective students who are highly interested in this role. You’ll never do cold-calling. 

Then, you’ll follow one of the most streamlined and effective sales processes on the planet – you’ll call your prospect, follow a world-class script, and leverage a series of automated workflows after each call. 

Hours:  20 hours a week minimum during normal business hours – you choose when to add your hours of availability based on our scheduling parameters.

Availability must be entered on a rolling 3-week advance basis.

Training:  It will take about 2-3 weeks to become fully trained into this role – with a combination of online lessons and coaching calls. There are ample opportunities for you to listen to demo calls and receive coaching from the team.

When you’re ready to take your own calls with real applicants, we’ll slowly increase your hours each week until you are at a minimum of 20 hours/week.

Start Date: ASAP

Compensation & Pay

As you learn and improve in this role, you’ll have the opportunity to earn stellar pay – while making your own schedule and working from home.

Because this is a commission-based role, you must be committed to learning, growing, and betterment in this role – all while having fun and enjoying the process. We provide enormous amounts of support to assist you to excel in this role.

You’ll be compensated in the following ways:

  • Starting at $200 or more Per Conversion (when a prospect becomes paying student). Then, compensation increases with experience and performance.
  • $1,000 for your training hours to be paid after your first 10 sales


The Schedule & Time Commitment

You will have a high degree of flexibility. You choose your availability based on your schedule and lifestyle. 

You must be available to take enrollment calls for a minimum of 20 hours weekly, in 4-8 hour blocks of time.

Training for the position will begin ASAP. 

Remote Work

Pretty much anywhere in the world that has solid internet access and great phone service. You’ll have the freedom to work remotely in any environment that supports you as a professional.

However, it is non-negotiable that you are in a quiet place where you can remain totally focused and completely undisturbed for the duration of your call availability blocks.

Think of each onboarding call like a powerful Nurse Coaching session – you need to be in an environment that supports your success.


Minimum Requirements

  • Be incredibly punctual to online meetings.
  • Completed training to become a Transformative Nurse Coach
  • Be available to dedicate at least 20 hours/week to this position.
  • Own a computer and smartphone capable of seamless video conferencing (no choppiness)
  • Have high-quality headphones with a microphone that works to make calls from your computer.
  • Have high-speed internet and be able to prove this during your interview (if you’re not sure, Google it). If your video is choppy during our interview, it’s not gonna work.
  • Have a quiet working environment where you can be 100% undistracted and focused during each call availability block.
  • Be an amazing communicator.
  • Be open to performance improvement coaching. 
  • Be excited about and committed to a long-term relationship with this role and with The Nurse Coach Collective.


Ready to Apply?

** Fill out your application thoroughly and professionally. 

If we decide to move forward, we’ll contact you.