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Wait… How Much is This Nurse Coach Earning?

Meet Bina 🙂

She’s been an RN for over 15 years.

In just three months after graduating from The Nurse Coach Collective, she’s got quite a success story.

First, she opened her own Nurse Coaching business, where she supports families with special needs children – an area very near and dear to her heart.

But there’s more –

Bina also landed a FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND dollar deal (Yes, that’s $500,000) within just three months of graduating. She’s bringing Nurse Coaching to a major company, working to elevate the health and wellness of their employees.

In fact, she’s found so much success that she’s now hiring on other Nurse Coaches to be a part of the important work she’s doing.But it’s not just about how much money she’s earning (though that’s pretty awesome, right?)

In this short video, Bina shares how becoming a Nurse Coach has transformed every single part of her life and wellbeing.

Check it out!


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