A Lot Can Change In 3 Days…

Last week, Peter and I had a life-changing experience, which involved tears, laughter, and a whole lot of trusting the process.

Over the course of three days, were taken to new depths of self-discovery, were surrounded by amazing human beings, and experienced awe and appreciation on an entirely new level.

So, where was this magical place?

At the In-Person Intensive for the Transformative Nurse Coach Certificate Program. The culminating piece of experiential learning which wraps up a powerful 6-month journey.

Now, I have so much to say about this, and it’s difficult to even begin to sum up the impact of this experience. But, because I know that insight is derived from reflection, and that value is better shared than kept to oneself – I’ll try.

For me, there were three specific moments that completely changed my world.



A Lot Can Change In 3 Days

Moment #1: When it became real.

As I looked around the room at every single individual, I felt an unprecedented sense of awe and admiration for these incredible nurses who had traveled from all across the country to complete their training and to be in each other’s company.

It was in this moment that it became undeniably apparent that, as Peter says, we were truly in the company of giants.

Why was this such an incredible moment for me? Well, because just one month prior I witnessed this same moment with the previous Collective. And, while part of me always knew it could be done, there was also some amount of lurking self-doubt and disbelief which told me that something this amazing simply cannot be repeated.

And yet, there we were, another group of phenomenal nurses, ready to play full out and grab life by the horns.

A Lot Can Change In 3 Days

Moment #2: You haven’t SEEN love radiate… until you’ve seen it.

And let me tell you, I’ve seen it. As twenty incredible nurses offered their unconditional love and complete appreciation for one another, the energy was literally palpable. And if I sound crazy, please trust me – you’ve gotta see it to believe it.

One of our students said, “I never knew I could experience unconditional love so powerfully. Now I know I can feel this way towards others, and also towards myself.”

A Lot Can Change In 3 Days
A Lot Can Change In 3 Days
A Lot Can Change In 3 Days

Moment #3: When we celebrated.

There is nothing that brings me more joy than watching the future of healthcare march towards me, ready to receive their certificate of completion and take on the world!

Whether they danced, laughed, hugged, high-fived, shouted, or, walked on their hands the whole way – those moments of pure celebration are truly magical.

And so, for these moments, and for this life-changing experience – I thank you, Collective 2.

And, because there’s never a better time to express appreciation than right now – I also thank you, Collective 1. For your participation in making this second experience possible, and as life-changing as it could have possibly been.

I honor you all, 34 amazing Transformative Nurse Coaches, who are dedicated to improving the wellbeing of all nurses and our patients.

I appreciate you – for your hard work and dedication to this journey, and for paving the way for all Transformative Nurse Coaches who will follow you.



Heather and Peter

A Lot Can Change In 3 Days
A Lot Can Change In 3 Days



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