About Heather and Peter

Co-Founders of The Nurse Coach Collective


About the Co-Founders of

The Nurse Coach Collective

Peter J Giza, RN, BSN, NC-BC
Heather Lapides, RN, BSN, NC-BC

Our Mission

From the very beginning, our mission has been to radically elevate the wellbeing of all nurses and our patients.

To challenge the status quo of healthcare.

We’re doing this by providing the most accessible and extraordinary path to become a world-class Board Certified Nurse Coach.

But we knew that in order to make this mission a reality, we had to dive all in.

Heather and Peter - Our Mission
Heather and Peter

On a leap of faith – we left our jobs as bedside nurses and invested in our professional development.

We studied under leaders in nurse coaching, lifestyle medicine, and the sciences of human change.

In addition to developing Transformative Nurse Coaching, we built a successful private practice from the ground up.

We do all of this because we believe in the transformative power of this work – and becoming the best we can be.

Our 5 Pillar Teaching Model

We spent years crafting the best learning environment for you to be able to become a powerful Transformative Nurse Coach, and take your clients to higher states of wellbeing.
If any of these elements is missing, the whole system falls apart. This is why we laser-focus our attention on these 5 areas – because of how effective it is.


Learn a brand new way to think about nursing, healing, and the science of human change. When you commit to the growth mindset and question the old way of doing things, a world of possibilities open for you.


This is vitally important – if you’re not surrounded by nurses who believe in you and your ideas, you can be dragged down by naysayers.


There is so much theory out there, and we provide that in an evidence-informed way. But we also provide immediate ways in which you can apply that theory to your life and practice.

Expert Coaching

If you don’t want to waste years of your life trying to figure things out on your own, a mentor is essential. We provide you with real-world examples of Transformative Nurse Coaching in action, and direct feedback for where you’re holding yourself back.

Massive Action

This is crucial. Without action, all of the theories will never create real results. The only thing that creates results is consistent action, and we provide ample opportunities for you to do that.

Our Style

We begin with a relentless belief in your unlimited potential for growth, healing, and betterment.

From there, we operate under a model of full-transparency – hide nothing and hold nothing back.

Leveraging technology and community, we give each nurse an incredible learning experience.

+ Our Philosophy

We believe that the nursing paradigm is no longer serving us or our patients, and desperately needs transformation.

At The Nurse Coach Collective, we know that when nurses step fully into their power as healers and agents of change, the compounding effect creates a better world for all.

= Your Success

Our marketing plan is profoundly simple: Get our nurses life-changing results, and the rest takes care of itself.

At The Nurse Coach Collective, you won’t hear us droning on and on about how great we are.

Instead, we dedicate our time and effort to helping our nurses create amazing results. 

We Can’t Wait To Meet You.

Let’s Do This.

Heather and Peter - Your Success Is Our Success