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Why January is The Best Time Of Year to Become a Nurse Coach

As the year comes to a close, we know you’ve probably got a million things on your mind.

But while you’re prioritizing everyone and everything around you – friends, family, work, getting the holiday decorations just right…

We invite you to slow down – and take time for YOU.

And if you’ve been considering becoming a Nurse Coach – then I also wanna remind you that there are only a few weeks left to apply and enroll for our very first Collective of the year.

Collective 20 – Begins January 8th.

And we only have a few spots left!

Our students and instructors have shared that January is their absolute favorite time of the year to begin training – and here’s why:

  • “It’s the perfect way to start your year off right!”
  • “Clients for your practicum are easy to come by, as everyone’s focusing on their health and wellness at the New Year.”
  • “It’s an amazing way to keep busy in the winter and stay connected to friends and colleagues during those sometimes isolating grey months.”
  • “You’ll graduate in time to fully enjoy the beautiful summer and fall months.”
  • “Before the end of 2023… you’ll already be a Board Certified Nurse Coach, with a whole world of professional opportunities open for you.”

There are only a few weeks left to apply and enroll.

And our courses always sell out.

Come join us – and make 2023 YOUR year!

Heather & Peter


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