From Burnt-Out ICU Nurse to a Thriving Nurse Coach

As a Nurse, you probably know this story all too well.

A caring person decides to become a Nurse because they want to help others heal, but they end up frustrated, disheartened, or completely burnt out. 

Unfortunately, we see that far too often inside of this broken system. 

But it doesn’t have to be like that. 

That’s why Nurse Coaches across the country are working to shake things up.

Today’s guest, Christina Bosworth, shows us exactly how she’s leveraging Nurse Coaching to disrupt the status quo. 

Christina is a board-certified Nurse Coach, a wife, a mom of four, and a true driving force in nursing. 

She started her career as a proud third-generation Nurse and wound up in the ICU, where she eventually burned out. 

After stumbling upon The Nurse Coach Collective while searching for alternative career paths, she had a very powerful call with Heather and realized what the mission really was:

Redesigning the nursing profession. 

“This is where I belong – redesigning the nursing profession so that other nurses never have to feel the way I did in the ICU.” – Nurse Coach Christina Bosworth 

Now, Christina is a very successful Nurse Coach with her own private coaching business through which she supports Nurses in mainstream healthcare roles and helps healthcare organizations create work environments where Nurses can truly thrive. 

In our far-reaching interview, Christina shares her journey from a burnt-out ICU Nurse to a thriving Nurse Coach. 


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