Attend the

Nurse Coach Conference.

A 4-Day In-Person Event to Uplevel Your Practice


In Beautiful Sedona, AZ


In-Person Retreat + Experiential Learning


Meet Your Fellow Nurse Coaches LIVE


Deepen Your Practice


Exclusively for Nurse Coaches 


Food & Lodging Included

A 4-Day Event to Transform Your Practice

Imagine being surrounded by 200 of your fellow Nurse Coaches… 

In one of the most amazing places in the world…

With nothing to do but immerse yourself in betterment…

A Conference Like No Other.

Your 4-day immersive learning experience will take you to new heights, personally and professionally.  

We believe that transformative results can coincide with one hell of a fun time – which is exactly what you’ll experience.  

Unparalleled Community.

Heather, Peter, and our support team of highly experienced and successful Nurse Coaches will guide your journey. 

Your peers will be the most powerful and innovative nurses on the planet. 

You’ll internalize their success and thinking starting at the conference – and for years to come. 

You’ll walk away with friends for life who will support you in any endeavor. 

Surreal Location.

Sedona Mago is one of the premier retreat centers in the world for good reason:

It’s settled in the heart of the Sedona, Arizona red rocks. 

Once you’re there, you won’t have to drive anywhere or worry about anything. 

Comfy beds. Delicious food. The secrets of the desert just outside your door.

Oh – and we have the entire location just for us. 


What is it?

The Nurse Coach Conference is a 4-day, 3-night in-person event designed to 10x your Nurse Coaching practice and uplevel your career.

Who is it for?

If you’re a Nurse Coach & Consultant who wants to immerse yourself amongst the most forward-thinking nurses on the planet – this is for you.

Where does it happen?

The Nurse Coach Conference happens at Sedona Mago Retreat Center in beautiful Sedona, Arizona. It’s one of the top 5 retreat centers in the US.

Why does it exist?

The Conference exists to bring Nurse Coaches & industry experts together so that we can advance our practice – individually and collectively. 

When & Where?

March 31 – April 3, 2022

Arrive March 31 @ 1500
Depart April 3 @ 1200

Sedona Mago Retreat Center

Cottonwood, AZ

Sedona Mago Website

Conference Schedule

We’re still hashing out the details, but this will get you started.

March 31-April 3, 2022

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Day 1: Arrive with Intention

1600 -1800   –   Arrive and Settle In!
Check out your welcome packet and review the schedule, get comfy in your room, and feel free to explore the grounds! 

1800 -1900    –    Dinner & Free Time
All meals are served in the dining area. Please arrive at the beginning of the time shown.

1930 – 2100    –   Evening Welcome Session
Group discussions surrounding vulnerability, intention setting, and what to expect for this conference. Oh, and plenty of fun 🙂 

Day 2: Deepen Your Practice

0800 – 0900    –   Breakfast

0930 – 1130    –   Morning Session #1
Morning mindfulness, setting a powerful context, creating agreements and logistical ground rules for the intensive. We’ll explore the value of affirmations, appreciation, and receiving. 

1130 – 1145  –    Break

1145 – 1230  –    Morning Session #2
As a group, we’ll spend time connecting with the environment and reflecting inward. 

1230 – 1430    –    Lunch & Free Time

1430 – 1630    –    Afternoon Session #1
A somatic experience to get the energy back up, followed by Nurse Coaching in trios to observe each other in action and leverage feedback! Then, we’ll have a group debrief and pull out the most important learning.

1630 – 1645    –    Break

1645 – 1800    –    Afternoon Session #2
The importance of connecting goals to a deeper purpose cannot be understated. By crafting your “Why Statement,” you’ll experience firsthand why this is the most important place to start. 

1800 – 1930    –    Dinner & Free Time

1930 – 2100    –    Evening Session
This evening’s work is an entirely experiential process. You’ll practice how vulnerability can lead to an incredible sense of empowerment, connection, and the ability to serve others far more effectively. As a bonus, your bond with your Collective will grow exponentially.

Day 3: Total Immersion

0800 – 0900    –   Breakfast

0930 – 1100    –   Morning Session #1
After priming ourselves for an incredible day, you’ll learn how to facilitate life-changing Nurse Coaching conversations in just a few minutes. Accessing your intuition and fearlessly speaking your truth will be a big part of this morning’s learning. 

1100 – 1115   –   Break

1115 – 1230   –   Morning Session #2
Discover how to speak with confidence and clarity about the results you help your clients achieve and the process you use to get them there. 

1230 – 1430    –    Lunch & Free Time

1430 – 1630    –    Afternoon Session #1
After some group time in nature, you’ll watch a Nurse Coaching demonstration on how to help your clients envision their ideal future and begin living it today. Then, you’ll break off into small groups to try it out yourself! 


1630 – 1645    –    Break

1645 – 1800    –    Afternoon Session #2
We’ll make sure that you understand the process for becoming a Nurse Coach – Board Certified. You’ll determine your next steps, so you can move forward with total clarity. 


1800 – 1930    –    Dinner & Free Time

1930 – 2100    –    Tea Time or Free Time (Optional)
Your faculty will be hanging out and sipping tea in a designated location. If you would like to come ask questions, go deeper, or simply come and enjoy time together, we’d love to have you! Alternatively, enjoy the grounds, mingle with your Collective, and do whatever suits your fancy!

Day 4: Celebrate Your Success

0800 – 0900  –  Breakfast

0915 – 0930  –  Checkout
The retreat center has requested that you checkout from your rooms before the morning session. You can leave your belongings in the designated areas after breakfast. 

0930 – 1100  –  Morning Session
We’ll cover how to transition back into normal life, commit to success, and have an awesome closing ceremony!

A Summary of Everything You Get

At the Nurse Coach Conference


4-Day, 3-Night Conference


Learn from Industry Experts


All Food & Lodging Included


Contact Hours


World-Class Community


Expert Mentorship

This nursing continuing professional development activity was approved by the American Holistic Nurses Association, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation. Approved to award 16.5 contact hours

Approval for contact hours through the American Holistic Nurses Association is based on an assessment of the educational merit of this program and does not constitute endorsement of the use of any specific modality in the care of clients.


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Why Sedona, AZ?

If you’ve ever been to Sedona you know that it’s a magical, serene place.

The desert, red rocks, and natural beauty are some of the most stunning in the world, and will magnify the work we’re able to do together.

What's Sedona Mago Retreat Center Like?

Directly from their website:

Every inch of our 173-acres was lovingly developed to hold space for your healing, spiritual elevation, and physical restoration. We strongly believe in the intrinsic value of connecting to nature as a way to recharge.”

They have incredible grounds, staff, accommodations, meeting spaces, and natural space for us to do our best work as Nurse Coaches. 

Here are some of their promo videos for you to get a better feel of the place:


What are my accomodations like?

You’ll be sharing a room with one other person.

Each room has two full beds, your own bathroom, and the entire Sedona desert just outside your door.

All rooms are essentially the same.

They are the “Redrock” and “Classical” rooms listed on the site here. 

What's the food like?

All food is farm-to-table & plant-based, cooked with love and served 3x daily.

We’ll eat together to nourish our bodies while we elevate our practices.

They’re able to accommodate most reasonable dietary requests – since it is whole-food, plant-based, many common allergens are minimized and avoided.

However, if you have advanced dietary needs, you’ll want to get in touch with them to work out a plan together.

Can I choose my roommate?


If you’d like to room with someone specific, you can easily indicate that when you sign up.

Just make sure they don’t hold off on reserving their spot at the conference, otherwise it may sell out!

You can also update your request at anytime 🙂

Can my family, partner, or kids come?


While you’re welcome to leave the family to enjoy a few days in Sedona proper, they’re unable to join us, in any capacity, at Sedona Mago (other than to drop you off and pick you up, of course).

We ask that you create this time for YOU to be fully present.

Come to firm agreements and create boundaries with your partner and family so that you can be 100% off-grid and fully present during your conference.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

If the last year or two has taught us anything, it’s the need to be flexible and patient with each other. 

You can find our refund policy on this page.

Location, Directions, & What to Bring

Sedona Mago Retreat Center is located on a well-maintained forest road in the Arizona desert.

The drive is easy, but can be an adventure if you’re not used to gravel roads, so make sure you leave at least 2 hours to get there from the Phoenix Airport, and arrive before dark!

For all driving directions, exact location, and what you should pack, we’ll refer you directly to their website.

Additionally, you can access everything above all in one place right here, in this PDF.

Save that document for your reference, since cell service is quite spotty out there!

Do you need volunteers?

As of this moment – no. We want you to be fully there and present for your own transformation, development, and betterment.

Our world-class team who we’ve been working with for years will be there to support you every step of the way.

They’ll be available for everything and anything you need. They’re Nurse Coaches, entrepreneurs, and badass healers who will challenge and support you throughout the entire conference.

Let us worry about the details. You show up ready to play full out. Deal? smile

What's included in the investment?


  • Contact Hours to Deepen Your Nurse Coaching Practice
  • Amazing Food x3 Daily
  • Comfy Lodging x3 Nights
  • Access to 173 Acres of Hiking, Swimming Pool, Event Spaces, and More
  • World-Class Community
  • Access to Industry Leaders
  • Boatloads of Fun!

Something You Might Not Know…


If you’ve ever worked with us, you know that we love Nurse Coaching, and we love to dream big. 

Which is exactly why proceeds from this event will go directly towards the research and development needed to advance the Nurse Coaching Board Certification, including: 


Clinical Research Studies to Prove Efficacy of This Work


Technical Development to Enhance Training Delivery


Lobbying for Insurance Reimbursement


Expediting the Process for National Recognition of Nurse Coaching as a Clinical Specialty

Are You Ready to Attend the

Nurse Coach Conference?


If you’re a Nurse Coach & Consultant who wants spend 4 nights surrounded by some of the most powerful Nurse Coaches on the planet –

At one of the most exclusive retreat centers in the US –

Claim your spot right now.

There are a very, very limited number of spaces available, so don’t wait.