From Fear and Self-Doubt to Epic Nurse Coaching Success

When a Nurse becomes a Nurse Coach – it’s more than a professional transformation.

It’s a total transformation of self.

You learn new skills, new techniques, new mindsets, and an entirely new way of being in the world. It sinks into everything that you do.

You start to see the world, yourself, and everyone around you through the Nurse Coach lens, and this is not something that you can turn off with the press of a button. (And you won’t want to)

And that’s why you’ll often hear us say:  If you want to help your patients transform their lives, you need to transform your own, too.

Today’s guest, Nurse Coach Tiffany Homan, knows this all too well. Tiffany is a graduate of The Nurse Coach Collective program and a board-certified Nurse Coach. 

She used to work as a bedside Nurse until she realized that was no longer the area of healthcare she was passionate about. In her personal life, she was constantly dealing with fear and self-doubt.

So what did she do?

Well, she decided to walk the journey of professional development and personal growth.

Now, she is a successful entrepreneur who runs her own Nurse Coaching practice. 

Today, Tiffany shares a glimpse of her journey with us, tells us about her personal growth and explains how she became a successful entrepreneur, running her own private practice and hosting retreats.

Get ready to be inspired by her amazing transformation! 

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