From Self-Doubt to Confident Nurse Coach

There’s no limit to what you can achieve when you give yourself permission to dream. 

Today’s guest, Nurse Coach Julia Lodge, is living proof of that. 

Although she only graduated from The Nurse Coach Collective four months ago, she’s already gained so much confidence that she now runs a group program to support new Nurse Coaches to boldly step into their new roles and ignite their inner leaders so that they too can create the businesses of their dreams.  

But Julia wasn’t always this confident and empowered individual who bravely decided to pursue her dreams. She used to be full of self-doubt, and feeling discouraged and burned out in her role as a Nurse didn’t help her case one bit. 

It was through Nurse Coaching that she discovered her true calling and her true strength. 

In just a few months, Julia has become a confident Nurse Coach. Now, she aims to help her clients discover their untapped potential by getting to the root cause and giving them permission to dream big. 

Julia is truly an inspiration to all aspiring Nurse Coaches, so don’t miss out on this great interview where she shares her journey. 

Tune in! 

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