Healing the Healers: A Nurse Coach’s Journey to Transforming Healthcare

As the cracks in our healthcare system widen, an increasing number of nurses are grappling with burnout, yearning to escape from the confines of bedside care and even the nursing profession itself. 

This escalating crisis, however, has sparked a silver lining – a fierce determination to revolutionize healthcare from its core. This fiery resolve drove our guest, Nurse Coach Nicole Lohonen, to channel her personal battles into spearheading substantial, positive reform within the healthcare system.

A seasoned registered nurse boasting over 14 years of experience, Nicole faced the all-too-common enemy of burnout at the bedside. Yet, she refused to let go of her aspirations. In her quest for a practice that nurtured both her well-being and her patients’ care, Nicole stumbled upon the transformative path of Nurse Coaching, marking the beginning of a remarkable journey.

Just a year after completing our program, Nicole is already pioneering a Nurse Coaching department in her hospital, witnessing firsthand its profound impact. In our profoundly moving interview, she recounts her transition from a burnt-out bedside nurse to a visionary reshaping healthcare. Tune in to discover:

  • Why Nurse Coaching is the answer to transforming the current healthcare system. 
  • How to go from burnout and wanting to escape nursing to dreaming and creating the impossible. 
  • Why the crucial role of Nurse Coaches is the future of patient and staff care teams.

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