How The Nurse Coach Collective Can Help You Fight Loneliness and Improve Your Relationship to Nursing

Zero Commitment or Obligation.

Collectives can be powerful. They can help you feel at home and surrounded by people who understand you in a way no one else can.

And The Nurse Coach Collective is no exception.

You see, working in the medical field can be lonely, and nurses are not immune to that feeling of loneliness.

If anything, it can be worse for some of us. We take on a lot of mental and emotional weight, and we don’t always find people around us on whom we can lean. 

Sure, friends and family can be helpful, but if they don’t work in nursing, then they don’t truly understand the amount of effort our work takes.

If you feel like you’re alone, we want you to know that we’ve got you. 

This is one of the many reasons we created The Nurse Coach Collective.

We want all nurses and Nurse Coaches out there to be able to connect, learn from each other, and more importantly, lean on each other.

Listen in as we discuss why it’s crucial to surround yourself with a community of like-minded healers and how that one decision can completely transform your entire relationship to nursing. 

Are you ready?

Let’s dive in.

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The Power of a Collective

As you’re reading this, we are celebrating something super important to us: over two hundred and fifty nurses are currently in the second week of their Nurse Coaching journey with us. And it is exciting, to say the least.

This is the first time those nurses are coming together with their peers and feeling the power of a true community. 

Since the beginning of this session, one sentiment came through from all the participants: They felt home. 

Many told us that they felt like they had finally found their people in nursing, a like-minded community of healers they could be part of. Despite being from different sides of the country, from different cultures, from different upbringings and educations, these nurses all share the same values and goals.

This is a beautiful feeling that many nurses never get to experience in traditional nursing settings, so let’s talk about that.

Loneliness in Nursing

Many nurses feel alone in their experience. They find it difficult (or even impossible) to voice their worries and opinions, and so, they often find themselves holding onto negative feelings. 

Most people working in nursing find themselves thinking “I’m the only one feeling like this.” They end up in a vicious cycle, and that cycle can only be broken through community.

Heather has gone through this exact experience. She says in this episode that even now, she can still remember the loneliness and isolation she felt as a bedside nurse. 

In fact, her exact words were: “Even though it’s not the way I feel now, I can quickly drop back into remembering how I felt for almost my entire career in bedside nursing. I was disheartened, I remember feeling alone and feeling isolated and feeling disconnected. It’s heartbreaking when I think back to how many years I spent in the nursing world feeling so disconnected.” 

And Heather isn’t alone in feeling like this. Nurses are lonelier and more stressed than ever. And a community such as ours can be a solution to that.

What Makes Our Collective Unique

The Nurse Coach Collective is first and foremost a community. We are a community of like-minded healers who saw a problem in the healthcare system and decided to do something about it. We challenge each other to become better and we put in effort into helping each other grow.

We share the same values, and we do our best to lift each other up and inspire each other. Most importantly, we learn that we as healthcare professionals can lean on each other. Because in the end, this is what all nurses and Nurse Coaches need: Support. 

The Nurse Coach Collective’s priority is to make every single Nurse Coach feel safe and supported. This is what we would have wanted when we started working in nursing, and we know this is what you need to thrive. 

We discuss all of this (and more!) in more depth in the episode above, so make sure to watch it!

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