Integrating Adventure and Play into Nurse Coaching

Have you ever felt restricted in your practice and as if you shouldn’t be 100% authentic and true to your patients?

As Nurse Coaches, we often find ourselves caged in professionalism. Coming from mainstream healthcare systems where connecting with patients on a deeper level is hard to come by, that’s no surprise! 

However, the beauty of Nurse Coaching lies precisely in its ability to transcend the status quo and offer services that would never be possible in a traditional nursing setting. 

We get to allow ourselves to break free from the standard model of care – and lean into our creativity.  We can offer our patients more than just traditional nursing and physical care. Because the secret to health and wellbeing often lies beneath the surface, where superficial interactions simply can’t reach. 

Here today to discuss this in depth is Nurse Coach Sofiya Stasiv, the woman behind “You vs You Wellness Coaching.” Sofiya is a holistic lifestyle and adventure coach. Yes, that’s a real thing! 🙂

She empowers her clients to create a more holistic and fulfilling life by integrating outdoor adventure and play into her practice. Her coaching enables clients to heal from the inside out while taking care of both their physical and mental health. 

In our playful conversation, she reveals the secrets behind her unique approach to Nurse Coaching and explains how to achieve peak health and well-being through adventure. Tune in to learn more about:

✅ Integrating outdoor adventure into a Nurse Coaching practice

✅ The healing power of playfulness 

✅ How to help clients overcome their biggest obstacle – themselves

Are you ready for some fun? Let’s dive into the adventurous world of Nurse Coach Sofiya Stasiv!

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