Master Your Emotions with Nurse Coach Amy Colombo

There’s a unique power in being guided on your healing journey by someone who has walked that path themselves. That’s why the most impactful Nurse Coaches are those who have done the work, confronted their own emotions, and undergone a personal transformation. 

One of those powerful Nurse Coaches is Amy Colombo. Amy took advantage of the standstill during the pandemic to dive deep into the healing of her self-sabotaging patterns that stemmed from childhood trauma, depression, and rage. This inner reflection changed her life and led her to pursue her calling as a Nurse Coach.

Today, she coaches others to break free from their inhibiting behaviors and live confident and courageous lives. Her own experiences add a genuine depth to her coaching. She has faced her own emotional challenges and emerged stronger. This unique perspective gives her patients the confidence that they can do it, too. 

In our interview with Amy, she dives deep into how Nurse Coaching supported her in healing her self-sabotaging patterns. She also explores how she leveraged her self-growth journey to create a thriving private practice. Amy shares a wealth of insights, including:

  • Unlocking emotional mastery through Nurse Coaching. 
  • The differences between therapy and coaching. 
  • Her journey to building a 5-figure monthly private practice. 
  • And much more! 

After 23 years in hospital nursing, Nurse Coaching has finally brought purpose, freedom, and next-level income to Amy’s life and practice. Tune in to find out all about it! 

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