As a Nurse Health Coach, You Are More Valuable Than You Know.

As a Nurse Health Coach, you are offering one of the most valuable services on the planet: A pathway to living a healthier and happier life. When it comes down to it, isn’t that what most people truly want?

Yet as a healer, it is not uncommon to feel like charging money for what you do might not come naturally (yet). That said, we can all agree that part of being a successful Nurse Health Coach with your own practice is having paying clients, right?

Now, if you were willing to settle for just having “paying clients,” then everything would be easy. You could charge $10 an hour and surely you’d have no problem getting 100s of people to sign up.

However, this wouldn’t be a sustainable way of practicing, and it probably wouldn’t feel very rewarding for you.

So, what you really need is more than paying clients. You need to know exactly how much to charge, and how to feel comfortable asking for it.  So let’s sort some of this stuff out.

What are your services as a Nurse Health Coach worth?

Whatever the first answer was that came into your mind, throw that out. Stop all that self-doubt right there in its tracks. Now, let me ask you this again. What are your services really really worth?

So often, we hear this question, and we immediately think “I don’t know!” It’s easy to become overwhelmed. Your inner critic kicks in and you start to ask yourself, “Is what I’m offering even valuable at all?”

So let me start by offering you this response – YES.

As a Nurse Health Coach, everything you have to offer is incredibly valuable. In fact, your background in nursing makes you one of the most highly qualified health and wellness coaches out there.

Whether we know it or not, health, wellbeing and happiness are the things that we human-beings value most in life. Without health, we can’t live life fully. Without a lifestyle that promotes happiness and wellbeing, we’re left unfulfilled and just going through the motions.

My point? Your services as a Nurse Health Coach are extremely valuable. In fact, I’d be hard pressed to think of something more valuable.

A nurse coach takes the road less traveled

But if you don’t believe you’re worth it, neither will your clients.

In fact, I would venture to guess, that the tiny voice in your head that is telling you “you’re not good enough” is louder than you think. If you can hear it, then it’s likely loud enough for your potential clients to hear it, as well.

But let’s think of it like this – when you question yourself, doubt your ability to serve your clients powerfully, and don’t believe in your worth as a Nurse Health Coach, you are depriving your potential clients of having the opportunity to work with you and be the recipient of all of your gifts.

On the other hand, when you allow your clients to see a more empowered version of yourself, they in turn become confident in your ability to co-create powerful transformations in their life.

So, back to basics. Start out by remembering this:

As a Nurse Health Coach, you are incredibly valuable.

Coaching is a highly personalized experience that is designed for the sole purpose of serving and empowering your client. You are your client’s greatest advocate and champion. You support and challenge them to reach their goals in a way that no one else in their life does.

As a Nurse Health Coach, you create a space for your clients to process, learn, and grow. A space that rarely exists outside of the Nurse Health Coach relationship. You are the vehicle through which your clients will move towards a more fulfilling and rewarding life.

Is there anything more valuable than that?

If I haven’t convinced you yet – it might be time to start looking inwards to determine where you need to grow.

A new beginning as a Nurse Coach

What do you need to do to build your confidence?

Sometimes, a lack of confidence is simply your fear and limiting beliefs running amuck, and with the appropriate tools and techniques you can learn to tame them.

Other times, a lack of confidence is an indication that there really is something missing in order for you to create more belief in yourself.

So, ask yourself this: What else do you need? More training? More knowledge? More practice? More experience? More credentials?

Whatever it is – go out and get it!

But whatever you do, don’t get caught up sitting around feeling unworthy, because that will keep you stuck exactly where you are.

If you truly believe you need it, take another training! Read another book! Invite some more practice clients and get some more experience! Just get out there and create that forward movement!

And, as you do, make sure to set your limits. You might agree to read one more book, or work with two more practice clients – but then agree to jump right back in the game. After all, that learning and practice is useless if you’re not putting it to use, right?

When your clients agree to work with you as their Nurse Health Coach, they’re saying “I’m worth it.”

Just as you had to ask yourself, “Are my services valuable?” Your client is sitting there wondering – “Am I valuable enough to invest in myself?”

By offering your services as a powerful Nurse Health Coach, you are giving your clients an opportunity to say, “Yes! I am worth it.”

That is empowering in and of itself.

Okay, so now you know your services as a Nurse Health Coach are worth it, but how do you tell your clients?

Well, you don’t.

Don’t tell your worth. Show it.

Your most powerful tool as Nurse Health Coach will always be to show your potential clients how powerful your coaching is. You can’t expect people to know the value of Nurse Coaching until they’ve experience it themselves. (This is what we call value based sales)

When your clients experience powerful transformation and reach life-changing insights within just one conversation with you – you won’t need to tell them about how valuable coaching is.

They will experience it for themselves and they will inevitably want more.

Your first conversation with a client should always be about serving them powerfully. Coach them as though they had already paid you $1,000,000 for that one conversation because they know it going to be that valuable.

When you come from that place of service, you will always be a more effective Nurse Health Coach than if your goal is simply to make a sale or sign a client.


Don’t sell too soon.

If you haven’t showed someone the value of coaching, then you’re in no place to try to charge them money. There is a certain order to things. First, connect. Learn about them. Build rapport. Create trust. Get really clear on what they want to achieve through coaching.

Then, start coaching them. Right then and there, invite them into powerful Nurse Coaching conversation, so that you can demonstrate what Nurse Coaching looks like.

Only then, if you believe you’ve served them powerfully, should you let them know how much it costs to work with you.

Yikes, okay now we’re talking about money. Did you just become immediately uncomfortable?  If so, don’t worry, that happens to all of us at first.

So here’s a simple place to start:

A nurse coach captures the essence of our profession.

When it comes to money, don’t freak out. Just ask yourself the important questions.

There’s one very important person you need to start having conversations about money with – Yourself.

Before you attempt to talk about money with anyone else, start here. Ask yourself:

How much do I want to make? How many clients do I want to work with? How much do I need to be charging to make this work for me?

And practice saying your numbers! Because if you’re not comfortable saying these numbers aloud to yourself, you certainly won’t be comfortable saying them to clients.

Now, as you create these numbers, keep this in mind:


 Higher prices demonstrate higher value.

If your prices are too low, it demonstrates that you don’t value your services highly. At the end of the day, you don’t want your potential clients asking you, “Why do you charge so little?”

Instead, you want your clients asking, “Why do you charge so much?” so that you have the opportunity to explain exactly why your services as a Nurse Health Coach are so valuable.

Again, remember, you’re not really explaining this to them. Rather, you’re showing them.

You might start by saying something like, “Well, at the beginning of our conversation you mentioned that what you really want is to become healthier so you have more energy to be able to enjoy your grandchildren. If our work together could help you create that in your life, would that be valuable for you?”

This leaves the conversation in your client’s hands, and now you can begin to coach them around and towards these goals.

When they start to feel like they are making progress towards achieving their goals, they inevitably realize – “Wow, with your support, this is possible! And YES, this would be incredibly valuable.”

Now, we’re getting somewhere.

And remember…

More financial investment = More client investment

The more your client is willing to pay for your coaching, the more they are going to be invested in showing up 100%.

This is a psychological phenomena that has long been researched and proven. When you pay a higher price for something, you are more likely to value and appreciate it.

People want to get their money’s worth, so the more they pay, the more value what they will get as a result. They will make sure of that.

Now, we all know that signing clients isn’t as easy as just charging high prices and watching the money roll in. Often times, you’ll hear your clients tell you:


 “I’d love to work with you, but I can’t afford it.”

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to re-think the true meaning of these four words, “I can’t afford it,” because they rarely mean what they seem to.

When was the last time you said that you couldn’t afford something?

For me, it was was this morning at a coffee shop. I ordered a simple $2 coffee, while I drooled over the $7 latte, thinking to myself, “That’s ridiculous, I can’t really afford that.”

I then sat down, went online, and purchased $300 in airline flights to go see my family later this month. I didn’t think twice about spending the money. It didn’t even occur to me that I couldn’t afford it.

So… what’s happening here?

At the end of the day, it’s not really about how much money I have, or don’t have. It’s not really about if I can or can’t afford something. It’s about how much I am valuing where my money is going.

For me, theres nothing more important than family. A latte on the other hand, I could take it or leave it.

When you help someone see that there is nothing more valuable than their health, wellness, personal growth and development – then suddenly coaching becomes the most important thing.

So, when you help your client to understand and appreciate the value of their own health and wellbeing (and you do this through powerful coaching, because you are a powerful Nurse Health Coach) you completely shift their world.

Instead of leaving them in the land of “I can’t afford to work with you,” you take them to place where they are only asking themselves “How can I afford to not work with you?”

Instead of leaving them feeling like, “It costs too much to work with you,” they are now asking, “What is the cost in my life if I don’t work with you?”

Sometimes a gentle nudge to remind them of the potential cost of NOT investing in their health can make all the difference.

When you want something, you find a way to afford it.

When was the last time you bought something that completely stretched you out of your financial comfort zone? It shouldn’t be too hard to recall, because we do this all the time.

Because here’s the truth, when we really want something, we find a way to pay for it.

Your clients are no different. When they really want to work with you, they’ll get brilliantly creative in order to receive your services.

Sometimes it really isn’t about money at all.

It’s possible that your client didn’t believe that your coaching was valuable enough to pay what you’re charging. Or it’s possible that they don’t believe they are worth investing in.

Either way, don’t be afraid to lean into that edge and try to understand what is really going on. You might ask, “Is money the only piece that is holding you back? What else might we add to make this the perfect coaching program for you?”

By posing these questions, you allow space to coach your client more deeply, and make your offer more valuable.

And then, other times, it really is about money.

Every now and again, you’ll encounter someone you really want to work with, but they truly can’t afford your rates. They simply don’t have the money, and paying what you charge would put them in a difficult spot to make ends meet.

If you would really love to coach this person – find a way to make it work! Because the joy and inspiration you’ll get may be worth far more than what they could pay you in cash.

But, always make sure you are getting paid in SOME way.

When you are setting your rates, consider this. Generally, you want to set your rates high enough so that you have some room to take on these passion clients. 

In Summary…

As a Nurse Health Coach, knowing your worth and how to charge for it can be tough stuff.  They didn’t teach you this stuff in nursing school!

So, don’t ever feel disempowered by the process of learning and growth.

And, if you’d like more support, remember you’re not in this journey alone. All you have to do is ask for it.

Nurse Coaching is unique because we all stand in solidarity as nurses with the ultimate goal of creating more health and wellness in our clients’ lives, and in our own lives.

I’d love to know how this article was helpful for you.



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