Rising Exponentially: What the Future of Nurse Coaching Looks Like

Is Nurse Coaching a passing fad or is it going to stay around for a while? This is one question many aspiring Nurse Coaches might be asking themselves.

Lucky for you, this is the question we’ll be answering today.

It’s only natural to ask yourself what the future of Nurse Coaching looks like before you commit to it. 

Here is one thing we can tell you before you start listening to this episode: Nurse Coaching has been growing exponentially for the last few years.

When it started, professionals in the healthcare community were doubtful of what a new specialty like Nurse Coaching could do. 

Today, there are thousands of Nurse Coaches all around the country. 

So, knowing this, what does our future look like?

This is the question we answer in today’s episode of The Nurse Coach Collective.

Are you ready?

Let’s dive in.

Is Nurse Coaching Just a Fad?

To answer this question, we need to ask ourselves another one: Is chronic disease a passing fad? 

There are other questions that come to mind too. Are the hundreds of millions of people that are overweight and obese a passing fad? Are the hundreds of millions of people that are experiencing mild to moderate mental health issues a passing fad? And is over-prescribing medication a passing fad?

The answer to all these questions is obvious: No, none of these is a passing fad. If anything, they’ve become a cemented reality in all of our lives.

The statistics do not look good. In fact, we’d go as far as to say they’re scary. Two-thirds of Americans are on one or more prescription medications, and two-thirds of Americans are experiencing one or more chronic illnesses. 

The level of sickness in our country is overwhelming, which is why today, we need Nurse Coaching more than ever.

And those are just the benefits Nurse Coaching has for patients. Nurses in the US are also suffering. On average, nurses are sicker and less well than the general population, which says a lot about our current healthcare system. 90% of nurses are either experiencing burnout right now or have experienced it over the last year. They are overworked, stressed out, and underappreciated. 

So, looking at all these numbers and statistics, we can confidently say that no, Nurse Coaching is not a passing fad. If anything, it has become even more popular over the last few years. 

Thanks to Nurse Coaching, we’re now seeing more and more people become less chronically ill. There is also a significant decrease in over-prescribing, and, most importantly, patients who work with Nurse Coaches are now becoming healthier and more fit.

What Does the Future of Nurse Coaching Look Like?

Today’s healthcare system is failing right before our eyes. So it only makes sense that the future of Nurse Coaching is nothing but bright. After all, it’s the logical solution to what’s going on right now in the medical field.

Nurse Coaching is catching on and it will keep catching on, not because it’s the hot new thing, but because it actually works. 

The healthcare system has become unsustainable, not only for patients, but for providers as well. And Nurse Coaching is exponentially rising because it offers the one thing we need in this situation: Hope. 

Nurse Coaching offers us optimism, it offers us a new path and a shift in the paradigm in which we’re operating. And so, instead of us nurses being afraid of what’s happening and feeling helpless and hopeless, we can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

In the future, Nurse Coaching will only get more popular. Why is that? Simply because humans are often motivated by a compelling vision of the future. And we’ve yet to encounter any other specialty inside of nursing that has a more compelling vision of the future than Nurse Coaching. 

So, what does the future look like for Nurse Coaches all over the country (and the world)? Well, here’s our answer: It looks bright. 

We discuss all of this in more depth in the episode above, so make sure to watch it when you can. We promise, you won’t regret it!

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