The Side of Nursing No One Sees

When you’re practicing as a nurse in any capacity, much of your best work goes unnoticed.

On the surface, your practice likely appears smooth and seamless. Offering your patients an incredible, healing experience.

Yet just behind the scenes, we know that your near-flawless delivery of care is the result of your commitment to continuously improve your craft.

You pay attention to the finest of details so as to elevate the quality of your practice.

And you work in tandem with your colleagues because you know that you are better together.

In much the same way, for the past few months, we’ve been working hard in the background to improve The Nurse Coach Collective.

In addition to working with amazing nurses from all walks of life, here’s what else we’ve been up to:

We went on an epic cross-country tour, searching for the most extraordinary retreat centers where we’ll host our in-person intensives – the trip looking like the map above… 

We locked in the most incredible locations in the US, since we’re committed to elevating your learning experience.

And we did this because, as a nurse, your time is incredibly valuable.

As such, our goal is for each set of Collectives to have in-person locations in various parts of the country.

This way, you can choose a location that is both practical and exciting for you.

On top of that, we’ve revamped many elements of the Transformative Nurse Coaching course to make it even more value-packed and easy-to-navigate.

You see, perfection comes through iteration.

It is an ever-evolving process to improve our services as Nurse Coaches, and we are deeply committed to that path.

And lastly, we’ve decided that we can no longer do it alone.

So, we’ve brought on a crew of incredible Nurse Coaches to work alongside us as we expand our mission to elevate the wellbeing of all nurses and our patients.

That way, as a team, we can continue to provide a world-class learning experience to every single nurse who takes our training.

To offer you even more individualized support.

And to always seek better ways of serving our profession.

In our role as Nurse Coaches, the magic that makes our work look easy happens behind the scenes.

It is the untold hours of practice, research, and learning that truly makes us Nurse Coaches a cut above the rest.

All of that is to say this:

Thank you for all that you do to continually elevate your practice.

Especially for the things that no one sees but you.



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