The #1 Cause Of Failed Businesses

As a nurse, I would guess that you’re probably not wondering how or why businesses fail.

But you may find this interesting:

The #1 reason why businesses fail is because there is no market need.

Meaning that there is no group of people with a big enough need to purchase what a business is selling.

Whenever I speak to a nurse who wants to start a business, this is where we start:

Is there a group of people that your service could help?

Does this group have a problem or desire strong enough to compel them to purchase from you?

Most recent CDC statistics indicate that almost half of Americans are obese, and nearly ⅔ have one or more chronic illnesses. Nurse Coaching can help people sustainably reverse chronic illness and obesity in 80% of cases.

Last year, American’s spent nearly 40 billion dollars out of pocket on coaching and alternative treatments to care. That’s on top of spending around $11,000 on healthcare premiums alone.

So as a Nurse Coach, is there a group of people your service could help, and do they have a problem big enough to compel them to purchase?

In short, is there a market need for Nurse Coaching?

Fortunately for you, the aspiring holistic healer, yes.

Unfortunately, for the hundreds of millions suffering, also yes.

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