The Gift of HOPE: Celebrating 300+ Graduates of the Transformative Nurse Coach Program

Happy Nurses Month to all our fellow nurses!

Have you gotten any fun (and perhaps comically useless gifts) from management yet this year? 🙂

Donuts and pizza in the breakroom. Maybe a $5 gift card for a caffeine boost. Or another pen or badge real?


All jokes aside – this month is very important to us as it serves as an opportunity to celebrate the incredible work we nurses do every single day.

AND WE DESERVE TO BE CELEBRATED – because I’m pretty sure the world would just about stop spinning without us nurses.

To honor you and all that you do, we’ve prepared a very special gift for you! But it’s not your typical gift.

We thought long and hard about what we really wanted to offer you – and it all boiled down to this, the thing that most nurses truly need right now:

Hope. Inspiration. Motivation.

A reason to feel excited about being a Nurse.

And so, our gift to you is a generous dose of inspiration from over 300 recent graduates of the Transformative Nurse Coach Program.

We’ll share this gift with you in the form of incredible stories, which showcase how the possibilities in the field of Nurse Coaching are truly endless. 

From completely transforming cultures in traditional work environments, opening their own practices, and launching numerous workshops, to healing people with sound, energy, and other alternative methods. 

They’re helping patients regain their health, make important lifestyle changes and overcome the difficulties they encounter on their healing journey.

They’re helping other nurses navigate the complexities of their work, recover from burnout and work through the trauma of their experiences. 

And they’re helping ALL of us by facilitating an environment where our collective well-being is the number one priority. 

All while having tons of fun, earning great money, and reconnecting with their passion for nursing. If you’re curious about how our graduates are pushing the boundaries of what is possible with Nurse Coaching, tune in to this week’s episode.

We are beyond thrilled to share their remarkable stories and all of the opportunities they’re stepping into before even graduating from the course, and we hope they inspire you to take a step in their direction. 

Ready to be blown away by what the future of healthcare holds? 

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