The Power of Partnership (+ BIG Announcement)

Over the last few weeks, you’ve had the opportunity to connect with us on a deeper level… Individually.

But based on the many questions we received from our community, we know you’re also very interested in us as a team.

That makes perfect sense since we rarely talk about our personal relationship in work settings. Of course you’re curious!  

So, to give you some clarity, we’ve decided to break this rule this one time and invite you into the depths of our partnership! 

Both the professional AND the personal side of things.

In this week’s episode of The Nurse Coach Collective – we’ll share exactly which Nurse Coaching tools and techniques have been most integral in building a successful partnership.

Aaaaand…. we have a HUGE announcement we can’t wait to share with you.

Any guesses? 🙂

Make sure you tune in and stick around until the end of the episode! 

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