Transforming Healthcare with Nurse Coach Amanda Johnsen

As nurses, nothing is more important to us than caring for our patients. But we know better than anyone else how hard it is to do that in a system that tasks us with charting, dispensing meds, and treating symptoms rather than preventing them. 

We are stuck in a reactive model of nursing that doesn’t do enough for our patients and leaves us nurses unfulfilled and desperate to have a greater impact. But don’t get discouraged! A quiet revolution is taking place in our organizations, and it’s being led by courageous Nurse Coaches like today’s guest, Amanda Johnsen

Before becoming a Nurse Coach, Amanda worked as a nurse leader and saw first-hand how little impact she had on the system. She knew there to be a way, and she was extremely passionate about making a difference, which ultimately led her down the path of Nurse Coaching. 

Now, Amanda is on a mission to transform healthcare from the inside out by implementing Nurse Coaching at the very heart of the system.

Her unique approach combines her extensive experience in nursing and leadership training with her exceptional coaching skills. She believes that the key to reigniting the flame of healthcare lies in empowering nurses to ask the right questions and open tough conversations within their organizations.

In our insightful interview, she shares story after story of Nurse Coaches doing incredible work to shake up the system.

Join us as we explore how the revolutionary power of Nurse Coaching is breathing new life into the healthcare system, one nurse at a time!

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