What It’s Really Like to Become a Nurse Coach (Student Perspective)

Every day, nurses reach out, telling us how excited they are to have discovered Nurse Coaching.

But…  they worry that it’s too good to be true.

They wonder if this specialty is even real.

They fear the training program might be too challenging or time-consuming.

All these questions and doubts swirling around – and they just wish they could magically see into the future and find out what it’s REALLY like to become a Nurse Coach.

Well – today that’s the insider scoop we wanna share with you.

Meet a current student of The Nurse Coach Collective, Krystal Klander!

Krystal used to work as a homecare Nurse, and like most Nurses, she has experienced the best and worst of healthcare. After burning out at work, she didn’t know what to do. She knew she wanted to serve people but realized that she needed to change something. And that’s when she discovered The Nurse Coach Collective and joined our program!  

Today, she’s here to share all about her experience in the program.

So, for all of you who want that insider scoop of what it’s really like to be in the program, Krystal will be able to help you out with that!

Tune in and find out what she loves most about her journey, why it was so easy for her to find private clients for her practicum, and why her mom decided to follow in her footsteps and become a Nurse Coach, too. 

Our conversation was super insightful, so don’t miss out! 

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