What’s Possible as a Nurse Coach?

Two weeks ago, we released 200 more Nurse Coaches out into the world.

And WOW are they up to some amazing stuff.

There’s no doubt this video is gonna in gonna inspire you, as you learn about some of the amazing successes out students have had…

Before they even graduate!

    ✅  A full list of paying clients

    ✅  Running wellness retreats

    ✅  Making proposals to CNOs

    ✅  Leading wellness workshops

    ✅  Leaving life-sucking jobs, and creating new exciting positions

… and more!

All of that, before these Nurse Coaches have even graduated from the Transformative Nurse Coaching program.

Nurse Coaches have now infiltrated every part of the healthcare system.

They work in hospitals, clinics, wellness centers, and insurance companies. They’re partnering with holistic providers, running wellness retreats, and starting their own practices. 

They’re working in every setting and with every population.

Redefining what it means to be a nurse.

Pioneering a new specialty.

Transforming healthcare, one conversation at a time.

So – if you could do ANYTHING as a Nurse Coach…

What would your graduation story be?

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