Why is Nurse Coaching so Life-Changing? 

Zero Commitment or Obligation.

Have you ever had an experience that changed the trajectory of the rest of your life?

A single moment, or one conversation, that was the catalyst for everything that came next?

In a lot of ways, that’s exactly what the Nurse Coach Conference was for so many of us.

You may have heard that the conference was “life-changing”… but what does that really mean?

How does spending 3 days in the Sedona desert with 200 fellow Nurse Coaches really change a life?

I have been thinking about this a lot, trying to find the words to explain why our time together was so powerful – and I’ve finally boiled it down to three things.


1. WE are Nurse Coaches.

Nurse Coaches are inherently powerful human beings. We’re choosing to pursue something better than the status quo, refusing to work in an ordinary healthcare system. Instead, we’re creating practices that are truly extraordinary.

We’re innovative, forward-thinking, agents of change. And we’re not afraid to dream big when it comes to creating personal and professional freedom, fulfillment, and impact.

So, when you bring Nurse Coaches together under one roof (physical or virtual) – the energy we bring is HUGE.


2. Human Connection Matters.

As a nurse, it often feels like the time you have to connect with your patient is dwindling. There’s always more to do, with less resources and less time. Sometimes we barely have a moment to just sit and be with our patients. Right?

That’s why Nurse Coaching takes a different approach. We create the time. We learn to connect on a deeper level, even when we only have a few moments. We’re trained to use eye contact, body language, silence, and intentional language to facilitate relationships that last a lifetime.

At the Conference, we had the opportunity not only to build these skills, but to go deep with one another. Meaning that every Nurse Coach walked away from those 3 days feeling more seen and heard than they’d felt in a very… very… long time.


3. Possibility. Inspiration. Action.

As Nurses, we always hear that “anything is possible” because “there are so many ways to practice nursing.” And this becomes exponentially more true as a Nurse Coach.

But sometimes, when you have so much possibility – it can be overwhelming. It can start to feel abstract.

At the Nurse Coach Conference we were inspired by Nurse Coaches working in every area of healing – in hospitals, clinics, and private practice. In wellness centers, schools, and on government projects. In education, leadership and everywhere in between.

    • Nurse Coaches making million-dollar proposals to their organizations.
    • Earning 3x more in their private practice than they ever did at the bedside.
    • Building retreat centers on their properties so they can lead Nurse Coaching, yoga, and nature healing sessions all under one roof.
    • Converting an old school bus into a mobile Health and Wellness coaching clinic.
    • Partnering with hospitals to bring coaching and care to the nurses to improve their wellbeing.

It’s impossible to hear these stories and not feel inspired to your core. To feel hopeful that there IS a way to practice nursing that will bring you joy and allow you to make the impact you desire.

And when inspiration like this strikes… you take action. Which means that every single Nurse Coach left that conference ready to take on the world.

And I’m STILL getting emails every day about the most amazing things these Nurse Coaches are doing as a result.

Now – we want to share this inspiration with YOU:

Check out this video, and get inspired to become a Nurse Coach. 

The most incredible community is waiting for you 🙂


P.S. Special thanks to The Good Vibe Media for their incredible work on this project! 

Ready to make this your best year yet?!

Shawne Arceneaux

Seattle, WA

As a Nurse Coach, I found my calling. I’ve grown into a completely different person and nurse in only 6 months. I now help people on a deep, personal, transformational level.


Rockaway, NJ

Learning how to coach… being coached – it was the most amazing experience of my life. Landed my first paying client and making more $$ per hour than I’ve ever made.

Brad Mower

Providence, UT

Legitimately saved my life. The answer that I needed to reconnect with my passion as a nurse, a father, and as a person.

Sharece Abee

Pittsburgh, PA

Before this, I was only helping people survive. Now I help them thrive. I love being a nurse again!

Sofiya Stasiv

Nashville, TN

This program was a blessing in my life. I feel so empowered to take my practice back into my own hands!

Jacqueline Lovell

Jamaica, NY

My life has changed for the better both professionally and personally. I am a more confident and empowered nurse because of the tools provided by this course. This is the best investment that I’ve made in myself – truly been LIFE-CHANGING for me.  

Joanne W

Naperville, IL

An incredible journey. Powerful, informative, fulfilling, and transformational.  It opened my heart and mind to ideas that can’t be unlearned.  It put me in the driver seat of my life, but personally and professionally.  

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