Why Nurse Coaching Matters: The Surprising Benefits for Nurses and Patients

Nurse Coaching is all about becoming the best, happiest version of yourself as a nurse, and helping your patients do the same. Too many of us are dealing with stress, anxiety, burnout, and moral injury in the workplace. And as people who are responsible for others’ wellbeing, we need to be taking better care of ourselves. Every nurse knows that the current model isn’t sustainable. Which it’s why it’s so important that we find a different and better way to practice. Nurse Coaching is the answer – the missing piece.  So if you’re curious about how Nurse Coaching can help us nurses to become happier and healthier, and how that translates to becoming better healthcare providers for those who need us… then take a listen to today’s episode. Before we get started, just a quick reminder that our podcast launch GIVEAWAY is live – which means you can join today to compete for over $10,000 in prizes.  The more you share with your fellow nurses, the more points you’ll win – it’s that easy. >>> Click here to enter the Giveaway! In this episode of The Nurse Coach Collective podcast, we’ll discuss why Nurse Coaching matters. Why it matters to us, why it matters to Nurse Coaches, why it matters to our patients, and why it should matter to you. Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

Why Nurses Need Nurse Coaching

As Heather shares in this episode, Nurse Coaching has saved her life and her career. It saved her life as a nurse because she’d gotten to the point where she was ready to give up on nursing, even though she had no idea what would be next or what would become of her as a professional.  Nurse Coaching gave her meaning and purpose, and helped her battle that burnout that all nurses experience sooner or later.  So many nurses out there are working inside of a broken system. You’re longing for something better and healthier, not only for yourself but for your patients as well. And Nurse Coaching matters because it’s a way for you to focus on yourself and your health while working a job that actually inspires you. In the end, why Nurse Coaching matters is, of course, an individual thing. Nurse Coaching matters to each one of us for a different reason, because, for every Nurse Coach out there, it has a unique sense of meaning. Why is that? Well, it’s simply because there are so many different ways to implement this work. 

Why Patients Need Nurse Coaching

About two-thirds of our population is on one or more prescription medications. Two-thirds of Americans have one or more chronic diseases, which are “lifestyle diseases,” such as heart disease, diabetes, etc… And finally, two-thirds of people in the US are either overweight or obese.  These are some scary statistics, especially in 2023, when science has come so far that hospitals now look like spaceships. When you look at population health as a whole, you learn that our system is not working. There’s a complete disconnect between all of these scientific and technological advancements and the actual state of wellbeing of our patients. The truth is, we as a population are currently in a deep place of unwellness. Even with all the technology offered to us, we still battle lifestyle diseases and mental health issues every single day. And for the most part – the medical model only attempts to treat all that with pills and procedures. But what if we could prevent and/or reverse those diseases altogether?  This is where Nurse Coaching comes into play. Because Nurse Coaching is all about working with patients before they hit the point where they need to go to the hospital for a lifesaving procedure.  Just two decades ago, many of the leading experts in the medical community thought lifestyle diseases such as hypertension or type two diabetes were irreversible. But today, we know that lifestyle changes can make all the difference.  Simple lifestyle modifications such as eating more whole foods, moving our bodies, reducing stress, having better relationships, and practicing mindfulness can have dramatic results on our wellbeing. This is the heart of Nurse Coaching. Patients need Nurse Coaching because Nurse Coaches don’t simply focus on treating symptoms, instead, we work holistically, and focus on the whole person – everything that affects our patients’ mental and physical health.  We discuss all of this in more depth in the episode above, so, if you’d like to learn more, make sure to give it a listen. We promise, you’ll enjoy it – and we’re not just saying that because we’re in it! >>> Click here to watch or listen to the podcast!

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