51 Reasons It’s Awesome To Be A Nurse Coach

1. As a Nurse Coach, you get to practice nursing your way.

In a healthcare system that tells us what to wear, what to say, and what to write, I can tell you how refreshing it is to be able to be yourself with your client in a way that is open, honest, and authentic.

2. No more checklists and protocols.

As a nurse coach, you use evidence based tools to inform your practice, and you also get to have a flow to each session that is at the discretion of you and your client

3. You can actually take time to connect with your patients.

How many shifts do you have to run like an Energizer bunny just to pass meds in time? And how often have you just wanted a few, uninterrupted moments to find out who this person – the one whom you’ve been poking, prodding, cleaning, and medicating – truly is? Becoming a nurse coach will allow you exactly that.

4. Your patients can actually connect with you.

So many times I would have to put on a “face of disposition,” and most of the times it wasn’t necessary. In codes, you need a level of therapeutic distance so you can maintain your objectivity. But for most patient interactions as a nurse coach, you can be you, and your patients will love it.


5. In fact, patient satisfaction scores and safety will skyrocket once this catches on.

Instead of having a bunch of jaded, disempowered, burnt out, stressed out, unhealthy, and disconnected nurses, you’ll have an army of highly trained, emotionally intelligent healers. Armed with presence, compassion, and an unwavering commitment to self-care for themselves and their patients, we will be delivering exactly what the patient and market wants.

6. You’ll stop feeling like you’re a cog in a wheel.

While being a nurse can be incredible rewarding, sometimes it can feel like you are simply going through the motions. The connection you feel during a session with a client as a Nurse Coach will change all of that. You’ll feel like you’re part of something so much greater than yourself, and not in a way that causes you to burnout and feel insignificant.


A nurse coach takes the road less traveled
7. You have more autonomy than you ever dreamed possible.

Being able to be totally with your patients within the container of coaching is a gift.

8. For a Nurse Coach, self-care stops being lame.

You’ll learn the value that comes from prioritizing your own wellbeing; you show up fully present in everything that you do. You’ll feel and look better than you have in years, and you’ll have more focus and energy than you know what to do with.

9. You’ll prioritize your soul, not your role.

You’re more than just a nurse – in this moment, you have everything you could ever need to be happy, fulfilled, and well. When you come from this place of abundance, the world will catch up and help you along your path.


10. It turns out that the market is desperate for this type of work.

38% of adults and 12% of children are now using complementary and alternative medicine in the United States. People are sick of being rewarded for being sick!


11. You can be your own boss.

While building a thriving coaching practice is no small feat, it’s been done by many others. And when wake up in the morning and your schedule is what you say it is – well that’s just the best.


12. Or you can work as an independent contractor.

I know a number of nurses who get paid to be a third party nurse coach for hospitals, organizations, and insurance agencies. It’s like being your own boss, but without the challenges of being an entrepreneur.


13. Did I mention the public desperately want you, the Nurse Coach?

They are sick and tired of being sick and tired. It’s total BS that the only time we see a doctor is when we are on the verge of collapse. What about expanding the potential of the healthy population to help pave the way for wellness?


14. You can integrate all of those woo-woo modalities into your practice.

Dancing. Tai-Chi. 3 Principles. Mindfulness. Guided Imagery. Nice smelling oils. Healing touch. It’s mind-blowing that all of these ancient traditions are seen as silly and alternative. Since when did cutting people’s chest open to replace their heart become the norm, while guiding someone through a healing meditation become alternative and fringe?


15. You’ll learn to appreciate the ‘woo-woo.’

As a kid from New England, I never thought I’d be a nurse coach, sitting in a room, eye-gazing and searching for truth through insight. So if I can get down with this movement, so can you.


16. People will share with you their deepest vulnerabilities.

To connect on that level is a freaking honor. That sacred space of being is unlike anything I’ve witnessed, and the level of trust required is something that we nurses are incredibly proficient at. Also, when you experience it, nothing will ever be the same for you, or your client.


17. You’ll discover, and share, your own deepest vulnerabilities.

Being a nurse coach is inter-developmental – it means both coach and client grow from the coaching relationship.

18. You will learn to trust yourself like never before.

“Am I good enough” will become “You’re darn tooting right I am.” When you dive into the depths of your client’s soul, the essence of who they are, you have no other alternative but to completely trust yourself and your skills as a nurse coach.


19. Intuition is a developed skill.

As a nurse, you use this all the time. You know when that guy is about to crash, even though his ‘numbers’ look just fine. As a nurse coach, you’ll refine this skill and use it to give incredible value to your patients.


20. You discover who you really, really are.

You can’t take your clients any deeper than you’ve gone yourself. So, you’re path will be one of self-discover, insight, and personal transformation so that you can be with your clients on their own journey, knowing that your own baggage is checked.


21. And you’ll learn that you’re so much more powerful than you were made to believe.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the hierarchy of medicine and to feel like a replaceable pawn. As a nurse coach, you’ll step into your power, own the fact that you are extraordinary, and use your gifts to build a life you love and transforms those you work with.


22. A whole new world of being will open up for you…

The mind-body connection has been validated scientifically. Ignoring that we are energetic beings, at this point, is like saying a the ocean doesn’t contain water. Once you get a taste of this world, you’ll do everything to reconnect with it again and again. As a nurse coach, you live in this world of presence.


A new beginning as a Nurse Coach
23. And a whole new world of opportunity.

Nurse coaching is about increasing one’s capacity for possibility thinking. For creating new choices and getting outside of your present story. By allowing yourself to utilize your license to it’s full breadth, the possibilities are limitless.


24. The moment you sign your first client as a nurse coach, you just gave yourself a massive raise.

When Heather and I signed our first clients, I did some quick math. And I suck at math, so I consulted my very good accountant friend just for fun. Hourly, our rate went up 1000%. Yup, you read that right. 1000%. Our clients see the massive value in our work, and so do our wallets.


25. You’ll be a walking value.com…

Most of the population won’t experience the self-development work that you, as nurse coach, have. Not only do you have massive amounts of clinical knowledge, but you also have the highly sought after skills of emotional intelligence, stress reduction, and transformative lifestyle modification. That’s a lot of value packed into who you now are.


26. And a source of inspiration for your peers, loved ones, and community.

People begin to notice that you’re different. They can’t describe it, but you begin to take up more energetic space when you walk into a room. You look, feel, and act healthier, and people are naturally drawn towards that you and your highly-aware, nurse coach self.


27. You’re on the forefront of a massive shift in healthcare.

We spend more money annually on healthcare than any other developed nation on Earth. Yet the US is 50 out of 55 in terms of efficiency. The system is unsustainable, people are chronically sick and overweight, and you’re going to help reverse all of that just by being who you are.


28. And you can be a big fish in a small pond.

It feels good to know that right now, that I am one nurse coach of less than 500 in the US. You’re helping to lead the next generation of nurses to become self-reliant, powerful, and doing what’s best for their patients and themselves.


29. You learn how rewarding nursing can become…

Most of us set in to this profession to help people, and more often than not we are stuck behind computers, pushing meds we don’t believe in, and watching your patients circle the drain in a disempowered, unhappy, unwell state. As a nurse coach, you have the power to speak truth and compassion to challenge your patients to live fully, no matter what their present state of health is.


30. And you’ll realize that you don’t need to burn out.

Damn – nurses get abused. 12 to 16 hour shifts. Eating at our desks while we chart. Our reward is a gift card to the coffee shop, or a pile of pizza in the break room. Swing shifts, night shifts, 40 hours of being awake so you can try to enjoy some family and recreational time. A nurse coach knows better than that, and has the potential to elevate the entire standard of the department.


31. Empowerment will become your new normal.

“The most common way people give up their power is by believing they don’t have any.” That’s a bumper sticker I’ve had on my car for a long time, and it’s taken on a whole new meaning as of late. This is your life and your vocation, so step up your game and take it by the reins.


32. You’ll uncover the missing pieces that modern medicine has overlooked.

Mind-Body-Spirit-Emotional-Environmental. Everything is indelibly interconnected. Yet Western medicine is so often dumbfounded by things that have fundamentally been eliminated from the equation of ‘healing.’ Connection. Relationship building. Love. Truth. Compassion.


33. Your patients will heal faster.

We all know about the placebo effect during pharmaceutical trials. So what if we brought this into everyday nursing? I’m not saying a nurse coach should lie to their patients but instead help them accept the diagnosis, but not the prognosis.


34. They’ll also see lasting results.

When a nurse coach drives into the mainline and addresses the root cause of a patient’s suffering, this can last for years, or even the rest of their life. You never know when the most powerful conversation of your life will take place.


35. And your clients do most of the work!

Yes, being a nurse coach can be tiring. But you don’t have to bear the responsibility of having to fix your patients. You empower them to learn and take action that will impact their life, and they’ll never want to go back to the way things were before.


36. We are the first licensed profession to create a board certification in coaching!

No other organization or profession even comes close to us. We have some badass nursing theorists who spent an unprecedented number of hours creating this certification, and it’s a gosh-darn honor to be able to increase awareness of this ever-expanding field.


37. Nursing has single-handedly legitimized the coaching field in an unprecedented manner.

We are the world’s most trusted profession. Yet there are thousands of coaches out there who took a weekend cause in nutrition and are handing out very dangerous misinformation. As a nurse coach, you work at the intersection of science and healing.


38. You finally get to stop pandering for patient satisfaction scores…

When you offer someone a question that shakes the foundation of what they believe is possible and open up an entire universe of love, wellbeing, and truth to them… well it’s safe to say that you won’t have to do much more to gain their approval after that.


39. And give them what they need to truly heal: insight, truth, and transformation.

Consumers are sick of the bullshit. Quick fixes haves created chronic diseases, so it’s time that we stand in solidarity and begin to give ourselves, our patients, and our world the gift of wellness.


40. As a Nurse Coach, you’ll deliver value-based care…

When your healer provides you with a life changing insight, that’s worth more than the copay.


41. And world-class, relationship-based care.

Consumers are sick of being treated like cattle. They want to connect desperately, and as a nurse coach, you can give them exactly that to help facilitate their wellbeing.


A nurse coach captures the essence of our profession.
42. You’re part of the shift from illness to wellness.

The CDC states 85% of physical ailments have, at least in part, and emotional cause.
You don’t need to be a counselor to help someone learn to ‘be with’ their emotions, learn from the event, and move past them. As a nurse coach, you will be able to help people grow their capacity for wellness in ways that get to the root of the issue.


43. You’ll stop putting bandaids on chronic illness…

You know what I mean here – case after case of the same stuff that is easily preventable with lifestyle and behavioral modification.


44. And address the root cause of your patients’ symptomatology.

A nurse coach helps their client get to the truth so they can gain a deep level of understanding.


45. A nurse coach can use their advanced toolkit in pretty much any setting you want.

You’ve heard this before about nursing in general. There is endless freedom to jump from specialty to specialty, and even to create your own positions. While this still applies to being a nurse coach, you have all the freedom of the nursing world, plus all the freedom of the coaching world. It’s a total win/win.


46. Your coaching practice. Your niche. Your choice.

As a nurse coach, you have complete control. You’ll get to decide how you want to set up your coaching practice, or how you can incorporate it into your current clinical role. Additionally, you get to choose the patient population that you love to work with, and be their go-to coach.


47. Want more money? No problem.

You set your rates, period. You charge your clients based on what you know you’re worth. And when you feel as though you’re ready for a raise, you simply double your rates. The value is in the insight, not in the time spent coaching.


48. A Lifetime of Learning

As nurses, we love to learn new skills. As a nurse coach, you’ll have the opportunity to learn heart-centered selling, business skills, and web savvy, all while engaging in some of the most transformative conversations of your life.


49. As a Nurse Coach, you’ll remember why you love being a nurse in the first place…

It can be so easy to lose track of why we are in this profession. With the pill pushing and the cycle of disease with no end in sight, it can become disheartening. But you are capable of so much more than that, and being a nurse coach allows you to connect with people on the deepest levels, to help them heal in a lasting, inter-developmental way.


50. You’ll experience happiness, wellness, and fulfillment in every area of your life.

Finally, at the end of the day, this is what everything is about: perspective. The willingness to do what’s uncomfortable because you understand that your capacity for growth and success is only limited by your imagination, and you’ve got an incredible community who has your back.

51. Lastly – forwarding the disruption of healthcare’s status quo, in solidarity with my most amazing colleagues.


I look forward to hearing your thoughts!



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