Health And Wellness Nurse Coach Certification


Combine Nurse Coaching with a focus on holistic health, and you get an exciting opportunity to lead and empower patients to heal from the inside out.

If you want a more personalized, holistic way to help patients reach their health goals, you’re not alone. Enter Health and Wellness Nurse Coach Certification. With this designation, you gain the ability not only to coach patients beyond symptom management, but also the tools to do it with holistic strategies. That’s because, as a nurse wellness coach, you are Board Certified in Nurse Coaching and Holistic Nursing.

As a Nurse Coach, you know how to give patients a safe space for exploring various aspects of wellness; you ask questions, help individuals discover their strengths, and take a positive, non-judgmental approach to health. Expanding on these capabilities as a health and wellness nurse coach, you have the skill set to do this while drawing on a wide range of therapies to serve your clients. Strategies include everything from nutrition and exercise to sleep and mindfulness, for example. You integrate traditional medicine with alternative modalities.

If you’ve been looking for a way to comprehensively care for patients, using more of a whole-body approach to healing, working as a Nurse Coach with expertise in health and wellness offers the perfect solution. Merge your credentials to expand the ways you can serve clients.

What Health and Wellness Nurse Coaching Involves

Health and wellness coaches come alongside patients as partners with a shared goal of pursuing individual well-being. Backed by a belief in the client’s ability to change, working in this role, you will interact in an honoring, non-judgmental way and seek to promote overall health and well-being. Using a wide range of practices, from evidence-based protocol to appreciative inquiry, you can help clients find strategies for dealing with personal health goals and challenges.

Health and Wellness Nurse Coaches practice in numerous areas, including executive, life, and business coaching, and more. Likewise, they can work in a variety of settings: hospitals, private practices, group practices, or even insurance companies that want to lower costs of managing disease.

Educational Requirements for Becoming a HWNC-BC

Every nurse that becomes a Health and Wellness Coach has to obtain certification as a Board Certified Nurse Coach (NC-BC), and as a Board Certified Holistic Nurse (HN-BC). According to the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation (AHNCC), these are the following eligibility requirements for becoming a Health and Wellness Nurse Coach — Board Certified (HWNC-BC):

  • An active, unrestricted registered nursing license in the United States
  • At least two years active practice as an RN (or 4,000 hours part-time) within the last five years
  • The minimum of a diploma, ADN, or BSN degree in Nursing from an accredited school (if international, candidates need to have their degrees evaluated)
  • A minimum of 60 completed CNEs over the last three years, including education consistent with Nurse Coach Core Values and Competencies
  • 60 hours mentored/supervised coaching experience, verified by a Certified Nurse Coach Supervisor, with a validation letter from a Certified Nurse Coach
  • Signed application testifying to agreement to terms in Candidate’s Agreement
  • Certification in holistic Nurse Coaching

How The Nurse Coach Collective Can Help You Earn Your Certification

Choosing the right program can make all the difference in obtaining your certification. Created by nurses for nurses, The Nurse Coach Collective is the organization that helps you thrive with exceptional continuing education for nurses, including Nurse Coaching and Holistic Nurse Coach Certification.

By taking part in our Transformative Nurse Coach Certificate Program, you can become a world-class care provider, backed by the experience and expertise that makes a real difference in patients’ lives. Let us help you bring a higher level of education, training, and experience to working with clients. Gain the tools to improve long-term health outcomes.

There’s never been a better time to work individually with patients to help them heal holistically. To learn more about gaining your certification, apply at The Nurse Coach Collective today!