What is a Holistic Nurse Coach?

As a nurse, you are the face of the world’s most trusted profession and the backbone of the medical system. The work you do can literally change lives, making people healthier, preventing serious illness, or sometimes even bringing people back from the brink. 

And yet, despite how tirelessly you work and how talented you are, the health of our nation is steadily declining. Perhaps even more troubling is the massive number of nurses who are experiencing burnout and high levels of stress — circumstances that can drive even the most dedicated nurse out of the job.

We get it. You’re tired and frustrated, and you don’t want to keep working within a model that clearly isn’t working. But you soldier on, doing everything you can to make a difference because you care for your patients, And besides, it’s not like things are going to change.



Here’s the reality: Change is an inevitability of our profession. The industry is constantly evolving, and we believe that our present paradigm of care will undergo profound change in the up-and-coming years.

How is healthcare going to change? If you ask us, all signs point to more holistic, individualized care. In other words, the future is primed and ready for Holistic Nurse Coaching

What is a Holistic Nurse Coach?

If you’ve been here before, you probably already know a little about Nurse Coaching. But if you’re brand new (first of all, welcome! We’re glad you’re here), here’s a quick review:

Holistic Nurse Coaching is a comprehensive, holistic type of nursing that combines traditional nursing practice with lifestyle medicine and guided coaching to help patients achieve their health goals in a sustainable way. 

A Holistic Nurse Coach doesn’t fight disease; we promote health by helping our clients take personal responsibility for the day-to-day choices that greatly impact their overall health and well-being. In this role, you can help your patients take control of their health, using lifestyle habits like exercise and mindfulness to prevent serious illness and improve health on a completely different level.

Why is Nurse Coaching the Future of Healthcare?

Alternative medicine is nothing new. In fact, it’s been around (in some form or another) much longer than our current model of care. And these days, Integrative Health Coaches and Nurse Coaches are surging in popularity. We suspect that this shift will lead to massive changes in the medical industry — and we nurses need to be prepared for the changing tides. 

But why are so many patients moving away from traditional medicine and turning to Nurse Coaching? Here are just a few reasons:

The coaching industry is blooming

The Current System is Broken

According to the CDC, 86% of our nation’s 2.7 trillion dollar annual healthcare expenditure goes directly toward managing chronic illness and mental health conditions. But more than 80% of the chronic disease and mental health issues in the US are highly preventable and often (and in some cases completely) reversible.

So, what the hell are we doing spending so much time, money, and energy on reactive care?

And more importantly, what would happen if we stop putting all our efforts into fighting the bad and start promoting the good? The result would be a country of physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy people — can you imagine?

Holistic Nurse Coaches can make that dream a reality by helping patients live healthier lives and preventing serious illness before it even develops. 

Patients Want Customized Care (That Meets Their Health Needs)

38% of US adults are seeking alternative medicine, and those numbers will only continue to rise. It’s clear that the cookie-cutter approach to diagnose, treat, and street doesn’t work, and people are starting to demand more.

Our patients not only want more, but they deserve better.

They deserve real solutions to the problems that are keeping them stuck in a cycle of illness, and that’s exactly what a Holistic Nurse Coach can provide them.

You might be asking, “Why should nurses pursue this field? After all, coaching is a massive industry filled with people who want to help patients learn to meditate. Shouldn’t I focus on the medical side of care?” 

Here’s why that doesn’t work: nearly 50% of Americans have a chronic illness. Their disease processes are very complicated, often with multiple medications managed by multiple physicians and specialists. 

A non-licensed health coach who does not understand how to navigate the multi-disciplinary team or the importance of adhering to a disease management plan simply can’t do this work! 

As a nurse, you are uniquely equipped to give your patient superior medical care. But as a Holistic Nurse Coach, you can use your medical expertise and your coaching training to give your patients personalized, effective, and impactful care. 

Integrative Health Coaching Works

I’ve recently become the co-chair for the Northwest region of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine’s nurse outreach program, and I know that this much is true:

Lifestyle design is the most effective way to prevent, treat, and reverse most of the chronic illnesses we are facing in our country.

As a Holistic Nurse Coach, you can work directly with patients to co-design an individualized plan that will help them make better choices in their day-to-day life.

I’m talking eating plant-based diets, reducing stress through mindfulness, cultivating strong social relationships, getting enough sleep and exercise, and quitting tobacco. These things will make positive changes without leaving your patient reliant on medication or other medical interventions.

Nursing saw a gap and filled it

Be The Change and Shape the Future

If you — like us nurses— are tired of the old model of healthcare, tired of treating patients without seeing real change, and tired of watching the nation get sicker, it’s time to make a change. 

It’s time to become a Nurse Coach

Our Nurse Coaching Certificate Program will give you the skills you need to succeed in the world of nurse coaching. You’ll learn coaching techniques, master the art of holistic wellness, and connect with a community of like-minded registered nurses who are as passionate about real patient care as you are. 

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