The #1 Reason Nurses Make Great Coaches

Today, we’re going to be covering one of the top reasons why nurses absolutely excel as a health and wellness coaches, and it’s probably not what you think. It’s not about your degree or medical knowledge or any of that – although those things are important!

In fact, this trait is something that you’ve been honing for your entire nursing career. And when it’s applied to your Nurse Coaching practice, it can help your clients elevate their wellbeing in unprecedented ways.

In case you don’t know me, I’m Heather Lapides – Registered Nurse, Board Certified Nurse Coach, and co-founder of The Nurse Coach Collective.

Thanks for being here today.

Another Day On The Job

I want you to go on a journey back in time – back to your very first day of clinicals in nursing school. To be honest, I can’t really remember my first day, but I remember the vibe and the distinct feeling in the pit of my stomach.

If you’re a normal human being who’s walking onto a medical unit for the very first time, you are probably experiencing a dozen of emotions, one of them being fear.

That’s likely the same fear you encountered in your first nursing job.

The same fear when you had a new admit.

The same fear you had when you were in your first code.

But what’s the thread that holds all these moments together?


Being a nurse can be terrifying and uncomfortable, even when you’ve been doing it for years. But we move through it to help our patients heal.

And that’s exactly why we thrive as Nurse Coaches.

We aren’t afraid to ask provocative questions in the service of our clients because, frankly, we’ve done way harder things.

Being fearless with our questions is just another day on the job.

The Truth That Most People Don’t Know

As a Health and Wellness Coach, you cannot serve your clients powerfully if you’re not willing to be fearless with your questions.

You have to be willing to challenge them to go deeper, ask them questions they’ve never been asked, and say what no one else is willing to say.

And that’s why nurses excel as health and wellness Nurse Coaches.

What’s the scariest question you’ve asked this week? To a patient, a client, a friend, or maybe even to yourself?

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