We asked 2,000 nurses this one question…

Someone recently posted this question in our community:

“What’s your favorite, obscure, weird little thing about Nurse Coaching that makes you totally nerd out with excitement?”

Here are the top responses:

1. Connection and Meaning.
“Finding joy again, coming back to life after burnout, reconnecting with a love of nursing. Nurse Coaching puts the meaning I craved back into my work.”

2. Money. I can earn as much as I want.
“Nurse Coaches are getting pay raises, creating higher-paying roles, and earning 3-10x what they made at the bedside by starting their own businesses. There’s so much earning potential in this field and we’re not afraid to talk about it.”

3. Impact on the Micro and Macro Level.
“Nurse Coaches change lives, one conversation at a time. But it extends far beyond that. The ripple effect of the work we do is ongoing. Through our work with individuals, communities, and organizations – Nurse Coaches are revolutionizing the nursing paradigm.”

4. Freedom and Flexibility.
“The versatility of this role is insane. Nurse Coaches get to work in any setting and create their ideal nursing practice. You’re only limited by your own creativity.”

5. The personal growth!
“Everyday since starting my training to become a Nurse Coach, I’ve learned something new about myself. Not only has my confidence and happiness grown, but  my overall health has improved – I’ve even got the lab values to prove it!”

6. Fun. Fun. Fun.
“I never knew I could have this much fun in nursing. I laugh every single day with my clients. I get outside with them. I truly enjoy the work I do, and I’m continuously infusing my hobbies and passions into my Nurse Coaching practice.”


These are just a FEW of the things we love about Nurse Coaching.

What’s your favorite?


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