Fulfillment. Impact. Connection… What Nurse Coaches are Grateful for.

We reached out to our Nurse Coaching community and asked:

What are you most grateful for as a Nurse Coach?

We wanted to find out what real-life Nurse Coaches love most about their role.

The responses were quite astounding.

So, in honor of this day of giving thanks, we want to share some of those responses with you – so that we can all celebrate together.


“I’m grateful for doubling my nursing income as a full time coach, with the ability to make a big impact in the world of health without losing my own life in the process. Best feeling ever.”

“Fulfillment. I’ve been giving lectures of self-care and it went great. I’ve even been advised to put in for another bigger conference next year! For me, coaching = feeling complete.”

“I am grateful for having listened to my inner guidance that’s been both whispering & screaming to me for quite a while, “it’s time to be yourself now”- which lead me on the holistic nurse coaching journey. I finally feel excited and inspired and energized by my future rather than frustrated, exhausted and overwhelmed. Life is so much better when in tune with our intuition!”

“I’m grateful for the ability to be fully myself and to work with clients from my comfiest coziest place at home!” 

“I’m preparing a plant based Friendsgiving and I’m looking forward to expanding their palates with evidence-based knowledge!”

“Grateful for the satisfaction of seeing the fruits of my labor which is really only a labor of love and hope for my patients. Providing education and insight to others keeps them healthy and happy and in return makes me happy and energized! It’s a true feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment!”

My Purpose As A Nurse Coach

“Grateful to be touching lives positively, by giving talks about how to naturally lower hypertension. There are lots of great opportunities coming up for me, and I’m giving thanks for the opportunity to trust my passions.”

“Having the tools to help myself and others make meaningful and healthy lifestyle changes!”

“I’m so grateful to be able to help others live a healthier happier life and in return I’m living the life of time freedom I desire.”

“Grateful for seeing even just the slightest mindset shifts in clients!”

“Changing lives = greater job satisfaction for me! I am loving it!”

My Purpose As A Nurse Coach

“I am grateful for the connections I have made with my clients and the chance to witness them on their journeys. I am also so grateful the wonderful friendships that I have made in my Collective.”

“Grateful to be helping people learn that they do have the power to change and they can take control of their health/wellbeing.” 

“Extremely grateful for the clients who come into the office space, automatically drop their shoulders, take a deep breath, and say “I can just feel that this is a safe space.”

“Helping others in a way that is true to myself and what I believe about health and wellness and the importance of connection with my patients/clients. I love it.”

“Grateful to share the excitement and energy of space and wellness so people can feel heard and complete.”

“So grateful to have the support of this powerful group of nurses! We CAN and ARE making an impact!”

My Purpose As A Nurse Coach

I hope this is inspiring for you all.

We are incredibly grateful for this amazing community of forward-thinking nurses who are innovating the way we practice as Nurse Coaches.

Thank you for all that you do.

Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving!



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